THERE IS NO FUTURE – Flow Rider Video #2

For the second year in a row we are realeasing our Flow Team promo video. Our FVTVRIDERS are a bunch of talented young skaters, riding FVTVRA with precious help from their local core shop. Starring “THERE IS NO FUTURE” are Andrea Marangoni, Andrea Cimadamore, Tommaso Parise, Flavio Bernasconi and Filippo Cilia. Few of them worked out parts filming with skilled filmers, other just hanged out and filmed with their skate buddies.


The heterogeneous mix of quality and rough images, sounds, graphics and movie out takes has been skillfully edited by Massimo “Bod” Ciceri adding the distinctive flavor of FVTVRA Skateboards.  Big Shout Out to Filippo Cilia who gets last part and a place on the official team where he’ll join Ale Cesario e Elmehdì Contaki

We’d like thank the following Core Shop for supporting FVTVRIDERS project: Downtown Urban experts, Pacific Drive, Bhoeme Skatepark Shop, Ale’s Board Shop, Board Style, Alternative Board Shop, Trasfer Skate Shop, Big Air Shop, Drop In Board Shop, Lapsus Skate Shop


See You Next Year.

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