1. We want to celebrate the creative power embedded in skateboarding.
  2. Personality is the essential element of every human being. It reflects in peculiarities of each one’s skateboarding style.
  3. Skateboard medias typically magnify technicality and peril. We want to exalt diversity, aesthetics, strength and social values kept within skateboarding.
  4. Skateboarding escapes the limits of the mere physical activity, thus vigorously influencing our way of life.
  5. Photography and filming are the cooperative creation of two artists, one is the performer and the other is the interpreter.
  6. Our life is enriched by the pleasure of bringing to reality mentally conceived gesture we’re referring to as tricks or maneuvers
  7. The meaning of skateboarding lays inside us. Firm and mutable at the same time, this is the beauty of being a skateboarder.
  8. Respect, loyalty and humbleness are founding pillars of friendship as well as those of every human relationship
  9. We are on the top of skateboarding evolution, a perennial peak moving with us oblivious of boundaries, categories and prohibitions.
  10. We want to glorify failed attempts as the formative trail preluding accomplishment.
  11. We want to demolish an empty, fashion driven approach to skateboarding and develop our culture far from imposed clich├ęs
  12. We want to sing of a diverse crowd scattered into the world: single individuals brought together by the skateboarding society.
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