Miki Mauri Waiting for Subliminal

FVTVRA Skateboards Supplies proudly presents “SUBLIMINAL “: A brand new video project featuring Team & Flow Team. A series of episode releases focusing on single riders, missions and experiences defining our view of skateboarding. Miki Mauri kicks off the project with a rad prologue video part filmed around domestic street spots and ditches.

edit by: M. Bod, Automator 3000 & M.Mauri
Filmed by: M.Bod, M. Berardone, G.Barletta, M. Barni
Additional Filmer: T. Parise, A. Mara, Il Bufa, M.Pescialli
Music by Big Hands – “ONE TIME” {Friendly, Handy, Party, Mandy}

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