TENSOR x FVTVRA Collab Trucks


When we first thought  about making our Skateboard trucks it took some time to decide what brand could fit our standard. We wanted FVTVRA skateboard trucks to be street oriented but still allowing killer radius truck for trannies. We want them to resist the stress test of modern skateboarding while remaining as light as possible… And of course we wanted them to be good looking!


At the end of our speculations we had no doubt on Tensor being on the top of our list. Tensor x FVTVRA collab trucks just landed in our stock and they are freaking sick! Two different sizes 5.25 and 5.5 casted with exclusive Mag LightHollow kingpin and axle construction. The lightest truck in the business, the sickest turn you can get from an allround truck


Giu 10, 2016 | Posted by in Blog | Commenti disabilitati su TENSOR x FVTVRA Collab Trucks
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