FVTVRA “CALIBRO 9” – A Brief Glance’s “Quattro” project part

FVTVRA CALIBRO 9 is one of the four parts of “QUATTRO”, a project released by A Brief Glance and VANS showcasing four different Italian skateboard companies. You can find all of the four clips on A Brief Glance’s Vimeo page.


Fabio Montagner, Filippo Cilia, Kevin Duman, Andrea Marangoni, Emanuele “Ciko” De Gallitis, Tommaso Parise, Gianmarco Ciselli, Davide Rossano

Video Edit:

  • Massimo Bod {Question Mark, ink!#?}
  • Filmers: Giorgio Bianchi, Massimo Bod, Matteo Di Berardone, Luca Basilico


  1. Milano Calibro 9 O.S.T. – Performed by Osanna
  2. Volcano Four Tet Remix – Antipop Consortium
  3. Negus – Sean Price & M.F.Doom
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